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Wills, trusts and estate law gives you the power to put together a plan to determine who will inherit your money and property after you die. It can also help you to protect your assets if you fall ill, and allows you to determine the individuals you want to be in charge of your property and finances. It also allows you to assign someone with the final say about difficult health and financial decisions that may arise. 

Estate planning is a legal plan whereupon you make a predetermined decision about matters dealing with your personal and financial affairs. A will is where your instructions are written down about who gets your money and property when you die and who you would like to distribute your money and property. You can also manage your finances and healthcare decisions using documents like a power of attorney, Ontario Advance Care Plans, a healthcare directive, or a living will. Older people and people with disabilities also can get help through adult guardianships and Medicaid planning. 

Estate litigation can include scenarios like challenging unfair wills, disagreements between heirs, disinheritance, undue influence, invalid wills, and dishonest dealings by an estate executor or trustee. 

Wills and Estate Lawyers

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When hiring a wills & estate lawyer, you shouldn’t’ leave anything to chance. Make sure that your wills & estate lawyer has the experience and skill that your case requires. At LawyerSelect, we handpick all the lawyers by conducting a thorough background check, ensuring that the wills & estate lawyer is qualified to handle your matter.  


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