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Why A Lawyer Referral Service

Personally Tailored Referrals

Personally Tailored Referrals

Identifying Your Legal Issue: it isn't always clear what type of lawyer you'll need to handle your case. We'll learn all we can about your case so that we're better able to identify the exact legal issue(s) at play.

Addressing Your Concerns: what good is a lawyer to you if you can't afford them, or they don't meet your geographical requirements, for example. We work with our clients to find solutions to many of their concerns, such as (1) Cost, (2) Experience, (3) Location, (4) Gender, and (5) availability, just to name a few.

Expedient Service

Expedient Service

Very Fast Service: even though our lawyer referral service is very thorough, we're also very expedient. We'll begin working immediately to identify a suitable crop of candidates and provide you with their background information, practice experience, cost, location and as well as other information. We quickly help you find a lawyer.

Meeting Preparation: most of our clients meet with prospective lawyers the day after contacting us. We'll help you schedule the consultations as well as prepare you for your meeting, so you're as prepared as possible to hire a lawyer that day.

Independent & Non-Bias

Independent & Non-Bias

We Work For You: our lawyer referral service is not employed by any lawyers or any law firm. Our mandate is to ensure that our clients get connected with the most suitable lawyer for their case. Therefore, we always have your best interests in mind when helping you find a lawyer.

Doing Our Due Diligence: before accepting a lawyer's application to join our referral network, we thoroughly vet their credentials and ensure they are who they claim to be. We employ a sophisticated review process to weed out the candidates who don't meet our strict standards. We'll never pressure you to hire a lawyer.


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