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This is a lawyer referral service connecting you with Toronto Tax Lawyers. We can help you find a Tax Lawyer from Toronto who can help you with all your tax law related needs. At, our lawyer referral service handpicks all the Toronto Tax Lawyers by conducting a thorough background check, ensuring that they are qualified to represent and defend you in any tax law related matter. We make it easier for you to hire a Toronto Tax Lawyer.   

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One thing is for sure: tax law is very complicated, which is why it's never a good idea to navigate the world of taxation on your own. At, we work with the best Toronto Tax Lawyers, and you can bet that they know the ins and outs of Canadian tax law. Some of the lawyers we work with are noted authors in the field of taxation, and some have even appeared in popular news media as tax law experts. Most importantly, however, we work with Tax Lawyers from Toronto who get results. They're able to review the facts of your case, and make an informed connection with the relevant tax laws to present you with a cogent assessment of your tax issues. As your case matures, and the circumstances of your tax matter becomes more apparent, they'll make the necessary adjustments to their strategy so as to ensure the best possible outcome for your tax law case.

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It doesn't matter whether you pay tax as an individual, or as a business. You're still paying tax to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). And one thing that you can definitely be sure of is that the CRA is always watching. In fact, they've gone on a hiring rampage, hiring thousands of new accountants to audit the tax returns of individuals are corporations alike. Now, if you're like most Canadians, you'll have nothing to worry about, since your tax situation is in the clear. Sadly, however, many individuals and business are shocked to discover that they face financial penalties as a result of reassessments, mistakes by the CRA, and mistakes by their accountants and tax consultants. This can lead to painful and lengthy audits, as well as tax enforcement prosecutions and litigation. At, we work with some of the best Toronto Tax Lawyers who can ensure that you'll be well represented in your battle with the CRA.

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Not all tax-related issues are created equally. Neither are the lawyers who practice tax law. At, we have relationships with many Toronto Tax Lawyers, and as such, we know what their areas of specialty are. We'll analyze your matter and put you in touch with a Tax Lawyer from Toronto who specialize in your matter. Some of the tax law practice areas are:

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