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This is a lawyer referral service connecting you with Toronto Business Lawyers. We can help you find a Business Lawyer from Toronto who can help you with all things legal in business. At, our lawyer referral service handpicks all the Toronto Business Lawyers by conducting a thorough background check, ensuring that they are qualified to represent you in all your business ventures. We make it easier for you to hire a Toronto Business Lawyer.  

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Every business in unique, and so are its legal needs. One thing that every business can benefit from, however, is a lawyer who understands the roadblocks and challenges faced by entrepreneurs in pursuit of a new venture. That's why at, we work with Toronto Business Lawyers who have entrepreneurial experience in various business backgrounds, outside the setting of a law firm. The unique combination of legal know-how and industry experience is a formula you can count on in the successful advancement of your business. We will work tirelessly to connect you to a Business Lawyer from Toronto who will help you succeed in bringing your business ideas to life.

We Champion Your Business Goals

At, we work with a multitude of Toronto Business Lawyers who have direct industry experience in advising business on information technology (IT), industrial, energy and resource sector companies, mobility and telecom, and retail outlets.

In addition to industry-specific experience, our Toronto Business Lawyers can help you with negotiations and conflict resolution. They'll assist you in reaching your business goals through the practical application of the law, as well as through creative and innovative solutions. No matter your approach, we have a Business Lawyer from Toronto who will work well with you and your team, helping you avoid costly litigation and annoying business disruptions.

Business Law Practice Areas

Not all businesses are created equally. Neither are the lawyers who practice business law. At, we have relationships with many Toronto Business Lawyers, and as such, we know what their areas of specialty are. We'll analyze your matter and put you in touch with a Business Lawyer from Toronto who specialize in your matter. Some of the business law practice areas are:

  • Business start-ups and business structuring.
  • Negotiations with landlords, tenants, suppliers and investors.
  • Federal and Provincial business incorporation.
  • Articles of incorporation and shareholder agreement drafting.
  • Protection and registration of your business name.
  • Protection of trademarks, patents and other intellectual property rights related to your business.
  • Licensing agreements.
  • Non-competition, non-disclosure and non-circumvention agreements.
  • Purchase and sale of a business.
  • Drafting of letters of intent.
  • Drafting joint venture agreements.
  • Negotiating and executing mergers and acquisitions.
  • Drafting agreements for independent contractor employees.
  • Employment agreements.
  • Negotiation and execution of a commercial lease agreements.

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