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Toronto Tax Lawyer - Voluntary Disclosure

What Is The Voluntary Disclosure Program?

The Voluntary Disclosure Program (VDP) offered by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is a program that Canadian taxpayers can use to correct or make changes to previously-filed tax returns. VDP can also be used by the taxpayer to provide the CRA information that they previously didn’t disclose. The purpose of this program is to give Canadian taxpayers a second chance of sorts where they can amend their previously-filed tax return without the risk of being fined or prosecuted. However, not every taxpayer who seeks to make amendments to their previously-filed tax return under VDP will be granted relief. In fact, the law states that the federal Minister of Finance is not required to grant relief to every taxpayer who applies under this program, but rather, each application that’s received will be assessed on its merits. The Minister will then either grant relief, deny relief, or partly grant relief.

If you’re considering applying for relief under the Voluntary Disclosure Program, then it is essential for you to consult with a skilled Toronto Tax Lawyer before doing so. Many of our previous clients failed in their attempts to navigate this program on their own, only to be informed by the CRA that their application was only partly granted, or even rejected altogether. At, we work with some of the most experienced and skilled Toronto Tax Lawyers who can advise you on the intricacies of the program, whether or not you meet the programs minimum requirements, and what to expect from your particular situation.

What Kind Of Disclosure Can I Make Using The Voluntary Disclosure Program?

As it currently stands, the CRA allows taxpayers to make additions, omissions or amendments to their previously-filed tax returns if the information that’s being added, changed or deleted concerns any of the following:

  • Excise taxes
  • Income tax filings
  • Source deductions
  • Excise duties
  • GST/HST filings

It’s very important to note that taxpayers who’ve applied for enrolment in this program will still need to make all outstanding tax payments, as well as any interest charges that may have accrued, to the CRA. However, the CRA will not criminally prosecute any of the applicants that it’s accepted for enrolment in this program.

It goes without saying that the information that the taxpayer seeks to add, remove or amend should be carefully reviewed by an expert in tax law. Not only will getting it right the first time save you a lot of time and stress, but the nature of the information that's being added or changed needs to be reviewed by a tax expert as it may have long term repercussions to your tax situation. For all practical purposes, this is an adversarial process pinning you against the CRA. Their job is to scrutinize your documentation for any evidence or clues of unlawful practices. Don't face off with them on your own. Contact us at, and we'll put you in touch with the right Toronto Tax Lawyer for your matter.

Are All Applications For Enrolment In The Voluntary Disclosure Program Accepted By The CRA?

The simple answer to that is, no, the CRA does not accept all the applications it receives for enrolment in the Voluntary Disclosure Program. Each taxpayer applicant will have to meet certain minimum requirements for acceptance into the program. However, each application is reviewed and decided by a specially authorized agent of the CRA that deals exclusively with VDP applications. As such, there is no objective standard that applies to all applicants across the board due to the individualized nature of application review process. In other words, you’re at the mercy of the VDP agent, who are notoriously hard to please and difficult to work with.

Don’t take unnecessary risks with your future. Your financial wellbeing, and/or liberty, could be at stake depending on whether you’re accepted into VDP. As such, you shouldn’t try and navigate this process alone, but rather, contact us at, and we’ll put you in touch with a skilled and competent Toronto Tax Lawyer who can educate you on the requirements of this program, as well as vigourously defend all your legal rights.

What’s The Time-Limit For Providing Information And Documentation For The VDP?

To ensure that your application is not rejected outright, you should work within a 90-day time limit. The clock begins to run on the Effective Date of Disclosure (EDD), which is the day that the CRA receives your completed application to the Voluntary Disclosure Program. In other words, 90 days from the day the CRA receives your application for the VDP, the supporting information and documentation must be submitted by you, otherwise you risk having your application rejected outright.

We realize that in certain situations, 90 days isn’t enough time to provide the requisite information/documentation. So does the CRA, which is why they allow applicants to seek time extensions for the filing of new information/documentation. However, the process for seeking a time extension is even more complex than the application process itself. As such, we recommend that you use our free lawyer referral service here at, where we’ll quickly put you in touch with a Toronto Tax Lawyer who specializes in these matters. Whatever your budget, specific needs, or concerns, we have several Toronto Tax Lawyers who can competently represent you and see this matter through until the end.

What Are The Qualifying Circumstances For Enrollment Into VDP?

Under the Voluntary Disclosure Program, relief from financial penalties and criminal prosecution will be considered by the CRA if the applicant-taxpayer has:

  • Failed to fulfill their obligations under the applicable tax act.
  • Failed to report any taxable income they received.
  • Claimed ineligible expenses on a tax return.
  • Failed to remit trust funds (source deductions or GST/HST).
  • Failed to file information returns.
  • Failed to report foreign sourced income that is taxable in Canada.

Why Do I Need A Toronto Tax Lawyer To Assist Me With The Voluntary Disclosure Program?

There's no question that the Canadian tax system is insanely complicated, and requires a competent Toronto Tax Lawyer to navigate successfully. It is important to note that every Canadian taxpayer has the legal right to be represented by a professional at all stages of the application process. That can include tax lawyers, accountants, forensic auditors, and other tax professionals. The reason such a right is guaranteed to every taxpayer under the law, is because the law recognizes that there’s an imbalance of power between a layman taxpayer and a CRA agent, who is well-versed on the Canadian tax system. As such, in order to level the playing field, the law mandates that each taxpayer be guaranteed a right to professional representation at all stages in the Voluntary Disclosure Program application process. Therefore, you should never meet with a CRA agent while unrepresented, as there will be a distinct imbalance in both knowledge and power that can have serious long term consequences to the taxpayer.

At, we fully recognize the importance of the Voluntary Disclosure Program application process, and we know exactly what is at stake for you. That’s why we’ll work hard to connect you with a Toronto Tax Lawyer who specializes in matters like yours, and who can competently represent you during the VDP application process.

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