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Individuals, businesses of all sizes, organizations and even charities will face tax issues from time to time. You cannot ignore the problem thinking that it will go away. In fact, ignoring the tax problem is the worst thing you can do. Any delay on your part will only make the matter worse and will eventually result in a full loss of appeal rights and the ability of CRA to collect a debt that may not be properly owing. This can lead to stiff penalties, and even criminal prosecution. Tax disputes are distracting and stressful.

A tax lawyer can help you with the following:

  • Tax planning advice to businesses, self-employed professionals, corporations, organizations and charities.
  • Tax help to start-up businesses on proper tax structuring.
  • Help clients bring tax filings up-to-date through the Voluntary Disclosure Program.
  • Help clients make a tax amnesty application (voluntary disclosure) for unreported income or offshore assets.
  • Provide tax planning advice for mergers and acquisitions.
  • Represent taxpayer’s interest and defend their rights in CRA audits or investigations.
  • File Notices of Objection to challenge incorrect or unfair tax assessments and reassessments.
  • Appeal to the Tax Court of Canada to fight for taxpayer rights.
  • Represent the taxpayer when CRA denies their charitable contributions.
  • Negotiate with CRA collections officers to arrive at an acceptable payment plan to prevent bank account seizure, wage garnishment, personal property liens, and harassment by CRA agents.
  • Carry out amalgamations of corporations under sec. 87 of the Income Tax Act.
  • Provide tax advice to taxable estates.
  • Draft tax effective wills and prepare estate plans to minimize taxation on death.
  • Provide advice on international tax laws to businesses operating overseas who want to set up operations in Canada. 

How We Can Help You

When hiring a tax lawyer, you shouldn’t’ leave anything to chance. Make sure that your tax lawyer has the experience and skill that your case requires. At LawyerSelect, we handpick all the lawyers by conducting a thorough background check, ensuring that the tax lawyer is qualified in all areas of federal and provincial tax law, and has the experience to guide clients through the complicated taxation system.  

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