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Lawyer Referral Process

Referral Process

Identifying Your Exact Legal Issue

It's not uncommon for our clients to be unsure what area of law their matter falls into. That's why before we find a lawyer for you, our team of trained legal professionals will thoroughly review your case to identify all the legal issues at play. 

Addressing Your Needs And Concerns

We'd all like the best lawyer in a given field to represent us, but that's not always an option, whether because of costs, location or some other factor(s). We do our absolute best to ensure that all our clients receive vigorous, competent representation, regardless of their geographic location and financial means. We're also sensitive to the fact that some individuals find the legal process to be a scary endeavor, and may require more frequent contact with their lawyer, or may demand a more hands on approach. We take each clients' unique disposition into account when compiling a pool of candidates to increase the likelihood of a smooth lawyer-client relationship. We are truly a full-serve lawyer referral service.

Compiling A Pool Of Candidates

Based on your legal issue(s) and your particular needs and concerns, we then begin combing our network of lawyers for the most suitable matches. Typically, we like to provide each client with three different candidates. The client is provided a dossier of information about each lawyer, including their area of expertise, their location, their years of experience, their cost and billing structure, and other very pertinent information that many clients find useful. The client is not obligated to meet with all three candidates, and may choose only to meet with two or just one. If the client isn't satisfied with the lawyer they've selected, they're free to meet with the other candidates. We will gladly set up as many consultations as the client needs to feel comfortable to hire a lawyer.

Preparing For The Lawyer Consultation

It's our desire that each client have a fruitful initial consultation with the lawyers with whom they choose to meet. Our team of legal professionals are available to answer any questions you may have about the lawyer referral process. They'll also make suggestions on questions that the client should ask the lawyer based on their particular circumstances.

If you'd like to learn more about what questions to ask a lawyer during the initial consultation, read our blog entitled Hiring a Lawyer: Questions to Ask.

Exploring More Options

Should you be dissatisfied with the pool of candidates that we provided you, we'd be more than happy to explore other options that may better suit you. We will never pressure you to hire a lawyer, and you're under no obligation to us.


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