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Employment law deals with your rights in the workplace. It covers a myriad of things like hiring, dismissal, employment contracts, workplace conditions, salary, and overtime. It also deals with your rights if you work part-time, full-time, as an  independent contractor, or tipped  employee, or even commissions. Employment law also deals with issues like discrimination, harassment, and workplace safety. 

An employment lawyer can assist you with problems you may be having in the workplace, dismissal without cause, dismissal with cause, constructive dismissal, rightful resignation, and determining reasonable notice. An employment lawyer can help you seek compensation in a wrongful dismissal claim, as well as assess whether the employer acted in bad faith in your termination. They can also advise you on the employee’s duty to mitigate, the Employment Standards legislation and the Ontario Human Rights Code. 

Employment Lawyers

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When hiring an employment lawyer, you shouldn’t’ leave anything to chance. Make sure that your employment lawyer has the experience and skill that your case requires. At LawyerSelect, we handpick all the lawyers by conducting a thorough background check, ensuring that the employment lawyer is qualified to advocate your case and seek the compensation that you're legally entittled to.  



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